Giveaway Glitch

There was a Glitch with my celebration giveaway on my website. For some reason the rafflecopter widget I put on my website shut down prematurely, so I am having another widget installed. (Don’t worry Amy F. and Jan M. I didn’t loose your entries!) But because of the mistake, I am going to stretch the giveaway to end on Sunday, November 4th. So if you want to enter for any of my books for free, the new giveaway will be up this evening on

Come on by and enter as many ways as you like! You can enter on multiple days!

Good luck and Happy Reading!

Book III is finally Here!

Book III in the Rose Series is finally here and I want to celebrate!

Cover by Aaron Keleny Parks and Earl Keleny

So I am giving away THREE ebook or paper books of any of my books in the Series. How fun is that!

To enter to win go to my website: ckbookspublishing and enter the rafflecopter giveaway. There are many ways to enter and the more you enter, the better your chances to win!

(Note: the giveaway says you can win Rose From the Ashes or Rosebloom, but you can win A Burnished Rose too, if you prefer – I”m just too lazy to redo the giveaway to correct that. If you are a winner, I’ll contact you and ask you what book you would prefer. Also – I will send an ebook (or pdf if preferred) to anyone, anywhere, but will send a paper copy to those in the US only.) The giveaway will run until Friday, Oct 26th.

Good Luck and Happy Reading!