Photo Phriday – Hiding in Plain Sight

Nice Jeffrey!
I love owls

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Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Walking by a tree with this owl carefully hiding, you could be forgiven for not seeing it. I caught this little one peaking out from a hiding place.

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Photo Phriday

Another wonderful nature photo from Jeffery Foltice at Photo Nature Blog.mallard2

Beside the beautiful colors in the bird, I love the pattern and colors in the water and the contrast of the very still, crisp picture of the mallard to the wavy pattern in the water. Lovely shot all around!

Photo Phriday

I have an affinity for birds  especially their feather, but also I think they are such cool creatures. I live in the country so I come across shed feathers in my rambles or from birds that hit the large windows in our house. Their feathers are so amazing – the design, the color, the texture… Who doesn’t wish they could fly like a bird – well, I guess someone who is afraid of heights, but that is not me. So when I saw this, I had to keep it. I picked up this wonderful photo from Jeffery Foltices photonatureblog. hawkeyecloseup- photonatureblog- jeffrey foltice