Please take time to remember others have and continue to put their lives on the line for our freedoms.


Thanks Pop!

Lloyd J. Keleny – 3rd Armored, WWII

And Chuck!

Charles Craven – Korean War

And Marcy!

Marcy Schlemma Korda – ANC, WWII

And Lillian

Lillian Scheppler (second from right) – ANC, WWII

To Be Near Me, I’ll Be

My Pop - somewhere in Europe

To Be Near Me, I’ll Be

I’ll be

In a starry night

In broad day light

In tinkling brooks

In fish and hooks,

With hunters on the trail,

With wind and bellowing sail,

In friendly smiles,

In memories of the past;

That’s where I’ll be –

Just remember.

By Staff Sargent Lloyd J. Keleny (my father)

written somewhere in France – 1943

Thanks Dad, and all the other service men and women who gave their service and their lives for all of us and for our country.