Photo Phriday with a C Major twist from I like to draw

By Aaron Keleny Parks

By Aaron Keleny Parks

For those of you who don’t know, my son, Aaron, is an art student. He is currently in art school in New York City – the land of artist. I was looking at his latest blog post and I really enjoyed his integration of the drawing (which I like), and the lyrics (which I like), and the youtube video of the song (which I liked). It is so creative.

Way to go Aaron! (And that’s not just a mom talking.)

C Major | I like to draw.


Holy Crap, Batman!

Out of the blue got lambasted by someone today at work. Holy Crap is my general feel about the whole thing. I didn’t expect that!

After a long ride home, tired from not sleeping the greatest last night I felt my head start to literally tighten like something was sucking it in from the outside. I ate a little because I knew if I didn’t, I’d get a gut ache – some aspects of getting older really suck! – even though I wasn’t hungry.

I unloaded some with my husband who was very willing to listen, but he had something he had to do before it got dark. Cut.

What next. It was too early to curl up in bed, which is what I felt like doing. As the owner of my own business, I knew I needed to read my emails – Book Sale! – thank you Linda!  Then I had a brain storm; listen to some good music while you do the mindless business of checking emails!

I picked KT Tunstall: Eye to the Telescope ( It was a good choice! My head is back to its original, slightly large size.

I have to remember this trick: music to sooth the savage beast!