New York Times and Self Published Books

downloadInteresting – The famous New York Times has given a review to a self published author (See this Forbes article). Granted, this author – Alan Sepinwall – is a known author in the book world (he has published through traditional publishers already), but it’s a first step. It’s also interesting that authors who have used traditional publishers in the past are going the self publishing route. Could there be a reason for this?!


New York Times posts follow-up story about fake book reviews

Now I know what my problem is, I haven’t been paying for my reiviews! New York Times posts follow-up story about fake book reviews. I’m not sure why I didn’t think that this was happening, as the blog states: “The stakes are too high, and every system can be gamed if people are smart enough.” I guess the old adage, you can’t believe everything you read, is true.