Photo Phriday

Thought I’d share a picture within a picture. This is my son in a studio at his art school. He is going to SVA (School of Visual Arts) in New York city. It’s a wonderful opportunity for him: wonderful school, exiting city to live in… He’s in his junior year and learning a lot. I like this picture because of the color: Aaron’s sweater matching his artwork, because of the perspective: him and his supplies with the art in the background, and because it’s my son! Of course. Nice job, Aaron!aaron at SVA, 2013

A Dam in Thailand that will amaze you (or is that a damned amazing photo)

dam picture

Photo by Anan Charoenkal on photobotos

Isn’t this amazing! Unfortunately, Anan doesn’t say much about this other than it is a Dam in Rayong Thailand that is used to irrigate crops in the rainy season. The two men are fisherman. I’m not sure what they are standing on or if they are actually fishing, but it is a very interesting Dam and a very interesting perspective.