Photo Phriday – Cats in Things

Love this image. No wonder mice are afraid!
My cat would never sit still for this kind of picture.

Mixed Cats

Cats in Things

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Photo Phriday

Came across this lovely image by John MacDonald on Vicki Goodwin’s blog – The Page Turner. Lovely, just lovely.

The Dock by John Macdonald

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Photo Phriday – Greenwich Colonnades, London.

I love the color and symmetry of this.

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


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Photo Phriday

It was a “Frozen” world around here Friday morning.

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Photo Phriday – Cedar Waxwing

This one is by Nido Pekonen. Gorgeous bird and wonderful photograph!

by nido pekonen - waxwing

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Photo phriday

This is my husband’s annual fall display, with our puppy, Abby.20151014_104608


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Photo Phriday

I haven’t featured Betty Davidson in a while and she has so many lovely photographs. Here is another.

Happy Friday!

bee betty davidson

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Photo Phriday – Grim

Great image, though it looks like this man wasn’t too pleased with having his picture taken.

Joshi Daniel Photography

Black and white portrait of a Sadhu in Mumbai, India Sadhu | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Photo Phriday – Color Me Purple

This is another lovely photo by my friend Betty Davidson.


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Photo Phriday

It’s coming up flowers around here, so I had to share some from our yard.


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