Photo Phriday

I just had to share this. Isn’t it gorgeous, especially when you know the photographer – Betty Davidson  – didn’t use any filters or anything. It was taken in the harbor in Duluth, MN just recently.

Duluth Betty Davidson

Thanks Betty!


Photo Phriday

I like this photo by Joshi Daniel because of the contrast between the woman’s hair and her face. He named it the Mudugar woman of Attappadi.

Joshi Daniel Photography

Black and white portrait of an Mudugar tribe woman of Attappadi in Palakkad disctirct of Kerala Mudugar woman | Attappadi, Palakkad, Kerala, India

There are three scheduled tribes in Attappadi in Palakkad district of Kerala: Irulas, Mudugars and Kurumbas. The Mudugars have the highest rate of literacy.

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