Photo Phriday – Cats in Things

Love this image. No wonder mice are afraid!
My cat would never sit still for this kind of picture.

Mixed Cats

Cats in Things

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Photo Phriday – Stars in My Eyes

This is gorgeous! I love the colors and the stars.

Photo Nature Blog

The Petite Pointe Au Sable Lighthouse (The Little Point of Sand Lighthouse) was completed in 1874 along the shores of Lake Michigan. Its light rises 108 feet over the waters to signal ships the location of the shoreline. I had photographed it recently during the day and decided to try the same subject at night with the sky full of stars this time.

Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice


Here is a wider view of the same scene shown below


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Photo phriday

This is my husband’s annual fall display, with our puppy, Abby.20151014_104608


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Photo Phriday – A Summer Night

This lovely picture was taken by my daughter – Rachel – on her cell phone. It is of the pier on the UW-Madison Memorial Union. A wonderful place to be on a summer night, as you can see! I can just feel the water tickling my toes and the beverage lighly fogging my brain.



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Photo Phriday – In a Blue Mood?

My friend, Betty did this. I don’t know how, but I like it!

betty davidson 2


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Photo Phriday

It’s coming up flowers around here, so I had to share some from our yard.


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Photo Phriday

Don’t know if you noticed but it’s a full moon on Friday the 13th.

Oh My!

Put your rabbits foot in your pocket, wear your eye of God on your wrist, throw salt over your shoulder, cross your fingers and your toes.



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Photo Phriday

Every year these curly guys are born in a field on my way to town. I finally stopped and took a picture. Mom and baby didn’t appreciate it. They didn’t stick around long.



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Photo Phriday

Love when the trees get frosty like this. Makes you feel cold, doesn’t it!

100_3436This was taken nearby my home.


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Photo Phriday

I am sharing this photo because I have had 11 male goldfinches at our feeder this week – at one time! (and I can count only three females – what a ratio!)

From Jeffrey Foltice's blog - photo nature blog

From Jeffrey Foltice’s blog – photo nature blog