Photo Phriday

Another lovely image from my friend Betty Davidson. Taken somewhere in Minnesota.

I tried to get a picture of a doe in a soybean field near my home. She was happily eating away with her two fauns, and all I could see was her brown neck and head among all the green plants. It would have been a great shot because she was being lit by the setting sun. Her ears were even bigger than this deer’s. I didn’t see the fauns until I stopped and they started to run (or leap) away from me, deeper into the field.



Photo Phriday – Cycles for Rent in Kota Tua

With spring officially here, this looks really appealing. I especially like that the man renting the bikes is wearing one of his orange hats 🙂

Joshi Daniel Photography

A young man who rents bicycles sipping coffee at Kota Tua area in Jakarta on the Indonesian Independence Day Cycles for Rent | Kota Tua, Jakarta, Indonesia

The young man pictured here lends bicycles on rent in Kota Tua area in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was photographed sipping coffee on the day of the Indonesian Independence Day. Shot on a GoPro.

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Thankful to Wonderful Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for a great opportunity to see Indonesia.

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