Photo Phriday Surprise!

My husband and I were surprised by this wonderful (to some) surprise.

Morels 2013

That date stamp is wrong, but being the techno genius that I am, I don’t know how to change it.


We have never seen morels on our property before, so I’m not sure how we got them. But there they were not 50 feet from our front door. And we are going to give them all away to some morel fanatic – and you know, there are lot of you out there.

Viloteta with her first morels. She's not impressed either.

Viloteta with her first morels. She’s not impressed either.

We have tried cooking morels every which way these morel lovers have lovingly explained to us, but neither of us see the draw. It just tastes like… well… a mushroom. Their appearance is very impressive but that is about all I can say for them. So we will give them away to a morel lover and hopefully make their day!