Michelangelo’s David has a birthday

On September 8th, 1504 Michelangelo’s David was revealed to the world.

from elleswim.net

David is 17 feet tall and that is not including the stand they put him on. I’ve seen him in person and he’s gorgous.His face looks like he just slayed a giant, but his posture doesn’t. I wonder if Michelangelo used a model?
 In the same area in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence that the David is displayed in there are a group of partially finished statues that show the progression of a sculptures work (I can’t remember if Michelangelo did these as well) . It’s just amazing to see. It’s like the sculpture is hidden in the stone and the artist is just chipping away the outside to reveal what is within.
But back to David. The sculpture was attempted by two other artists before Michelangelo (at the young age of 26) took up the task. It took him only two years to complete. I don’t know if that is long or short in sculpture circles but it seems like a short time to me. In this kind of art, there is no covering up mistakes! David was originally sculpted and displayed outside but eventually brought undercover to protect it from the elements.  He is a must see to any trip to Florence.