Old Tune Tuesday – Stevie Wonder

I dare you not to at least move in your seat.
This one got me to stand up 🙂

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Old Tune Tuesday – Stevie Wonder

 A good tune to tap your foot to from a young Stevie 🙂

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Old Tune Tueday – Boogie on Stevie

I wanted to play some Stevie Wonder for my birthday. He is one of my early favs. I also like this video. Kind of an old Women Power montage.

Boogie on Girls!

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Old Tune Tuesday

I felt like a little Stevie – Superstition.

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Old Tune Tuesday

I almost forgot!  It’s Old Tune Tuesday!

I’m featuring one of my early favorites – Mr. Stevie Wonder. My big brother Bryan introduced me to Stevie and I thought it was cool (and it was the early 70s so it was still “cool”) to like something my big brother really liked. Besides, he is very good. I think it was one of the first albums (yes, vinyl) I bought. And I probably still have it!

I like watching the backup singers on this live version.

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