Photo Phriday – Bolton Abbey

Christine Keleny:

Here is a collection of photos for my Photo Phriday. I like the one with the clouds and the graveyard the best. Nice work Amina!

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Wisdom by Al

einstein quoteI got this from D. Takara’s pinterest board. It came from (as it says on the piece). The quote is all Albert.

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Old Tune Tuesday

Felt like a little George Harrison today. In this one he’s playing with Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, and Ringo Star.

Wordsmith– I also review books

Christine Keleny:

A nice review from Kathleen Rowland of “Rose From the Ashes.” Thanks Kathleen!

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ROSE FROM THE ASHES by Christine Keleny is an example of premiere World War II fiction. This is the third novel of Keleny’s amazing Rose Series.  Having finished the book, I wish there were more! 


Pregnant and newly widowed, army nurse Rose Krantz returns to her family’s Wisconsin farm. For Rose it’s a place of sanctity where her late husband Malcolm’s funeral takes place but also discrimination. Accompanied home by her best friend, Lilly Mae, who is black, Rose resents a racially charged comment against her. Having been through thick and thin with Lilly Mae (in prior books of the series) Rose struggles with prevailing attitudes of the 1940s.  

The public supports men who suffer battle fatigue while ignoring women who endured hardship under fire, caught diseases, and risked their lives to care for the wounded. Rose’s nightmares and flashbacks have equal impact, but the public’s reaction is shallow. Rose…

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Photo Phriday

Here is an Indigo Bunting caught by Jeffery Foltice of photonatureblog.

I think the color of these birds is amazing!

indigobunting1 - jeffrey foltice

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Birthday Book Sale

Hey all. It’s my birthday today! And in order to celebrate, I am putting three, Yes Three, of my ebooks on sale for just 99 cents each.


Just go the Smashwords to pick up the books. No coupon needed, I’ve changed the price already, but it’s just for today, just to celebrate my birthday!



Wise Words

image from thenormanbrothers

image from thenormanbrothers

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Albert Einstein

Einstein quote

I knew there was a reason I liked this guy.

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Old Tune Tuesday – Bill Withers

I can’t help it. I know I’ve featured Bill Withers before, but what can I tell you. I like the guy. And who doesn’t like “Use Me”?

Ready, Set, Groove.

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Photo Phriday with a C Major twist from I like to draw

By Aaron Keleny Parks

By Aaron Keleny Parks

For those of you who don’t know, my son, Aaron, is an art student. He is currently in art school in New York City – the land of artist. I was looking at his latest blog post and I really enjoyed his integration of the drawing (which I like), and the lyrics (which I like), and the youtube video of the song (which I liked). It is so creative.

Way to go Aaron! (And that’s not just a mom talking.)

C Major | I like to draw.


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