Old Tune Tuesday – Your Heart is as Black as Night

This is not as upbeat as my usual picks, but I really like Melody Gardot’s version of this.

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Old Tune Tuesday – Rock Steady Aretha!

Soul Train brings us quintessential Aretha. Rock on!


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– Photo Phriday – leading there

Christine Keleny:

Doesn’t this make you want to see what’s at the end?!

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Photo Phriday

I haven’t featured Betty Davidson in a while and she has so many lovely photographs. Here is another.

Happy Friday!

bee betty davidson

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Review – The Notting Hill Mystery – Charles Adams

Christine Keleny:

I have heard of this book and after reading this review, I will probably read it as well. Thanks M.R.

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The Notting Hill Mystery
Charles Adams
ISBN-10: 1464204807
235 pages


The Notting Hill Mystery was first published between 1862 and 1863 as an eight-part serial in the magazine Once a Week, written under the pseudonym Charles Felix. It has been widely described as the first detective novel, pre-dating as it does other novels such as Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone (1868) and Emile Gaboriau’s first Monsieur Lecoq novel (1869) that have previously claimed that accolade. The story is told by insurance investigator Ralph Henderson, who is building a case against the sinister Baron ‘R___’, suspected of murdering his wife in order to obtain significant life insurance payments. Henderson descends into a maze of intrigue including a diabolical mesmerist, kidnapping by gypsies, slow-poisoners, a rich uncle’s will and three murders. Presented in the form of diary entries, family letters, chemical analysis reports, interviews with witnesses and a crime scene map, the…

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Old Tune Tuesday – Old Man

I’m a Neil Young fan, despite the controversy around his religious beliefs. The guy has a great voice and knows music. This piece even gives a bit of history behind the song.

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Here’s another ‘Can you believe it?’

Christine Keleny:

A bit of writer history – one of my favorite things! – from Jerry Peterson.

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Longfellow 05.Banner.Postage stamp

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote Christmas carols.

Well, at least one. And that one started out as a poem, not a carol.

Longfellow wrote the poem “Christmas Bells” on Christmas Day 1863.

It became a carol only after English organist John Calkin set the poem to music in 1872.

Today, we know the carol as “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.”

In 1863, we were deep in the American Civil War, and it was not going well for the North. In November of that year, Longfellow’s son, Charles, an Army lieutenant, was severely wounded in the Battle of New Hope Church in Virginia.

That news compounded Longfellow’s devastation. His second wife, Fanny, had died two years earlier from burns sustained when her dress caught fire. Longfellow could not save her and suffered severe burns himself as he tried to smother the fire.

As a consequence of Fanny’s death, Christmas of…

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Old Tune Tuesday – Me and Julio

Feel like a little Paul Simon? He is always a for a few good old tunes though he is quite young in this video!


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Old Tune Tuesday – Tell Somebody

This really isn’t my attempt at a commentary on government cover ups or Edward Snowden. I haven’t educated myself enough to comment on these items, but I do believe in free speech.

What this is here for mostly is because I like the song.

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I’m looking for help with my latest book

Calling all readers of middle grade fiction!


I am looking for people to be beta-readers (meaning reading something that isn’t quite ready for the great out there) for my latest book project.
Yes, I have finished my Agnes Kelly book and I need people to give me feedback.
I think the title will be “Intrigue in Istanbul: An Agnes Kelly Adventure Mystery”

It is about a 12 year old girl who gets taken to Istanbul by her grandmother and gets pulled into a mystery. I don’t want to give away too much so that’s all you get.

If you are interested in helping me out, go to my book page and sign up for my Readers Group.
In a couple days, I’ll contact you all telling you how to get the book and the kind of feedback I’m looking for.

I would appreciate as much feedback as I can get, since this is my first foray into MG fiction, so I hope to see you there!
Thanks everyone!


Again – here’s the link to Sign Up!


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