Armchair Book Expo America starts today!

 Want to know everything and anything about what you’re missing, or not missing, at the American Book Expos in New York city this week? Just click on the armchair and it will take you to the official blog spot.

For me. I don’t mind viewing from afar. I love New York, don’t get me wrong. But it’s pricy, and I’m more interested in getting my own stuff out there than looking at other’s new stuff right now. I get plenty of that at my local library.

But back to me – I’m supposed to introduce myself to all those BEA fans that might come to my site during this week to say Hi.

Hi! (insert heavy breath here)

This is not me, of course. But it feels like me!

As part of the armchair event, I’m supposed to introduce myself for all you armchair fans.

I am a writer, author, publisher [just published my second book this May!] and a general fool.

I also love to read, but that is probaby a given. I will read just about anything, but I particularly like historic fiction, so guess what I write? At least so far,  anyway, though I am working on a memoir for someone and a screenplay off my latest book. Now that is a learning experience.

I am new to this blogging world – just started this spring – so let me know what you think of my site. Then tell me where you live in that big spider web out there. I like making new friends!

But make sure you visit again tomorrow for giveaway tuesday in honor of armchairbea. My giveaway will be my latest book. Just visit tomorrow and comment on one of my posts, any post you like, and you’re entered! (Make sure you leave me some way to get a hold of you – email, blog address…)

Happy booking!